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This section is where the short stories in English are located.

So far, I don't have any published in English. But I hope to change that soon.

The story "How" was translated by Michael Haase (@authormikehaase), and it is the first story in my book "Recorriendo el Laberinto" (Walking the Labyrinth).

This section wouldn't exist without the help of C (or as many of people know her, @mostrapasqua).

I honestly hope you enjoy them.

NOTICE: Most of the stories are dark-horror tales, so consider yourself warned.


The house was asleep. There was not a single movement. In the kitchen you could see freshly washed dishes, and everything was in order. Everything... except one of the rooms.

The double bed was disheveled, with a blanket fallen off one side. The lamps on the night stands were lit and gave a certain ocher color to the white wall. The television was off and the sun was starting to appear on the horizon.

The couple was in the middle of a static dance, their bodies unmoving, owning a special beauty...

She had dark hair and thin lips, but enough for any man to want. The breasts, now naked, were two perfectly round half-spheres crowned by their pink nipples. Her waist, a poem between her chest and hips. The sheets covered the rest.

He was wearing gray trousers and had short, chestnut hair. His body was hairless, and his muscular form made it obvious that he was or had been a regular at a gym. He was lying across the sheets, unprotected.

What made the scene strange were the six holes: the first five across his chest, and the sixth in his head. The shots had been random: they did not hit specific points of aim. I do not think any shot made it to the heart. The hole in his face was near the left eye, slightly disfiguring him.

With her, the work had been completely different: a cut crossed her entire neck, but that had only been at the end. Prior to that, she had received multiple stab wounds all over her chest and back. The scene showed the violence and resistance of those involved. The sheets, now red, mingled with the blood. The walls were barely speckled.

I was squatting, a few steps from the door. Watching, just watching; taking mental notes.

Then I heard the creaking of the wood floor behind me.

There he stood. His eyes wide, staring without looking. He was short, and his hair was dark but brilliant, falling to almost touch his eyes. I looked at him in amazement. When I went through the house I did not see him. I did not understand where he had come from. He was wearing celestial pajamas with drawings. Be that as it may, the boy was standing there, watching what remained of his parents.

Can someone tell me how to explain this to a child? His eyes, lost and unfocused, began to brim over with tears. He did not move a muscle. His mouth, barely open, helped him breathe. I'm not sure if I understood, but I saw in his face his bitterness, his anguish. Could he understand what he saw...? It seemed that he did, I do not know... How? How do you make him understand that...? How could he be told? What was he, 5 years old? I looked at him, stunned. He... looked into the void. His eyes filled with tears.

I could not move; I just watched him. I had no words. I did not know the words.

How could it be explained? I could not.

My sight was blurred by the tears that were accumulating. The first fell out of my left eye. As it rolled down my cheek, I took the still-bloody knife out of my pocket. My hand felt its weight. I approached slowly and, for the first time, he saw me. His face said it all.

A tear now falls from my right eye, beginning an intimate dance. I start to listen to the music and I cannot help but smile.

The sun reflects on the knife and it gives off a flash. The child looks at the sheet as his eyes open slightly; I can see the fear in his breathing... And I cannot stop smiling.

I think: "I'm going to enjoy this. I'm going to do it very slowly".

You know what? I am happy today.

The End

It's All About The Numbers

The spaceship travels through the infinite space at almost the speed of light. However, time inside of it seems to have stopped. There are over three thousand different spaceports across the forty eight nearest planets in our galaxy. Distance is so great between spaceports, that the fastest journey connecting two of them takes about six months.

Pegasus -that is the name of the ship- is traveling to Port Leto, located on a planet in the triple-star system Gliese 667 (within the Scorpius constellation) named Artemis. That is a long journey: Twice the distance to a nearby spaceport. The ship carries workers that will build the first base on the planet.

Everyone in the ship is in suspended animation; that saves money. Everyone except the person in charge of the maintenance of the machines. That person has to stay awake while everyone else is sleeping, spending big periods of time without any company.

-This is the most boring thing that could have ever happened to me -Michael shouts while he scratches the back of his head- I still have four and a half years left of this torture. Why did I sign up for this? Oh yes, the money is good. Although, the five years I am loosing here might be good as well.

Either way, every single flight I ask myself the same question, and I never reach a good conclusion... Excepting that during these five years, I am God.

Michael leaves a tablet on the control panel and looks in to the stars. The thick transparent iron laminate that separates him from the vacuum of space is cold at touch. He moves away his hand, and rubs his fingers.

He leaves the control room, passes trough a long hallway packed with "uteri" from floor to ceiling, until he reaches the cargo hatch. He then enters a code on the panel, but he gets an "invalid code" message in return.

-Stupid door -He says grinding his teeth- I can't do anything in this stupid ship!

Michael spits on the door and goes back trough the long hallway where the passengers sleep. He crosses a door to another hallway, where the crew is sleeping. Michael stops in front of the Uterus with the label "Captain" on it, and intermediately realizes the difference between the passengers Uterus and the ones for the crew.

-You bastards. All of you have the armored Uterus units, designed to resist even the most unimaginable things... While the passengers are all stuck on those cheap ones.

He leaves the hallway laughing, back to the control room. He takes the tablet and slides some documents, until he gets to one that's titled "Responsibilities of the Maintenance Personnel".

-So... five percent of seventy passengers is... three point five. I can easily round that up to four, five even. I could have one every year or so, trough what's left of the trip. That might work for me -a big smile appears in his mouth- Well, lets see who is the first chosen one.

Michael pulls out a small bag, takes out the violet ribbon to open it, and drops the content on the floor: Five rustic dice with ten faces each. He takes two of them and trows them. Michel watches them roll, full of excitement.


Michael leaves the command room whistling.

-Forty-two, forty-two... Where are you?

He finds the Uterus and pushes the "download" button. Without any noise, the Uterus begins to detach from the panel on the wall, and is placed on some pillars that rise from the floor.

Michael continues whistling a song, he's so happy that starts to tap the Uterus to the rhythm with his fingers.

-Let's think, let's think...

He returns to the control room, opens a hatchway on the floor and descends to his cabin. Michael searches through his tools in a rather messy way. He finally finds what he's looking for and, with a grin on his face, returns to the passenger's hallway.

-Look what I found, forty-two: My lovely blowtorch.

He ignites the bluish flame and the smile on his face gets bigger. Then he proceeds to remove the magnetic locks from the Uterus and sees, with satisfaction, how the cover falls letting him see his future victim.

-What the hell?

The flame in the blowtorch fades out. The body in front of Michel presents an advanced stage of mummification. The frustrated murderer returns to the control room and grabs the tablet. He proceeds to slide some documents, but nothing in there seems to explain what he just saw.

-This can't happen to me! -He finally shouts, throwing the tablet away.

Michael pulls out the small bag again. He takes two dices, and trows them with renewed excitement.


He goes back to the passenger's hallway, finds the Uterus labeled sixty-three, and presses the download button. His eyes follow the container while it is deposited on the pillars.

Michael ignites the blowtorch's flame again, and removes the magnetic locks from the Uterus. The cover falls and reveals another body in the same stage of mummification of the previous one.

-Damn it! -his scream reverberates in the hallway. Full of anger, Michael starts to kick the Uterus until he pushes it to the floor- This can't be happening. This can't be happening to me.

He breaths with difficulty. Blinded by rage, Michael starts to kick all the uteri, screaming and punching everything within reach.

He chooses a random Uterus, and removes the magnetic locks and cover before the cabinet reaches the pillars. Inside, there's always another mummy.

Overwhelmed by panic, Michael runs to the control room. He closes the door and throws himself to the main panel. His fingers press a sequence of buttons.

-Verification of viruses and bacteria -said the mechanical voice from the speakers.

A few seconds pass by

-Zero viruses and zero bacteria have been found.

Michael can breath normally again. He returns to the passenger's hallway. Again, he picks three random uteri, removes the magnetic locks in all three of them, and takes away the cover. All three have the same horrific content.

Resigned and in despair, Michael falls to his knees crying in a panic attack.

Suddenly, all the lights in the spaceship turn on by themselves.

-What? What's going on? -he murmurs while he wipes away his tears.

In that moment, Michael hears noises coming from the crew's hallway. He runs over there to witness how the Uterus with the inscription "Captain" detaches itself from the panel on the wall. When the cover is removed several tubes fold small until they disappear through the lateral panels inside the Uterus. The Captain opens his eyes and still dazed comes out of the Uterus.

-Are... Are we in Leto?

Michael can't articulate any word.

The Captain slowly walks trough the crew's hallway, but when he reaches the passenger's hallway, he stops abruptly. It takes him a few seconds to understand everything in front of him: several Uterus opened with mummies inside them, and the maintenance manager freaking out on his knees.

-What have you done? -there was a feel of sadness in the Captain's voice.

-Nothing, I... my share...

Of course, the Captain knows what share he's talking about. His eyes fill with rage.

-You idiot.

Those words were spit out with anger. Michel is petrified and does not know how to react.

-But... my share...

The Captain doesn't look at him any more, he presses the numbers for other four Uterus that look similar to the one he was using.

The moment the covers stop sliding down, a voice blasts through the ship.

-Danger. Fuel level insufficient to reach destination. Danger.

-Grab him -groans the Captain to the fresh woken-up subordinates.

Once Michael is handcuffed, the crew closes again the passenger's Uterus and proceeds to place them in their original positions. Two of the subordinates grab Michael by the arms and drag him in, towards the control room.

-Lieutenant Rivas, recalculate the fuel to reach destination -the Captain commands while looking at some of the instruments in the room.

-Yes Sir.

After some verification, the lieutenant has the answer.

-Sir. We are two bodies down.

-Two? Two bodies? What? -Michael babbles.

-Yes, two bodies thanks to you -murmurs the Captain, without looking at him, clenching his fists- What the hell were you doing with these people's Uterus? -his voice gets louder with every word- Your job was to keep the machines working trough this voyage, nothing more.

-The manual said that my share is five percent -Michael's words were almost a plea.

-Not on this trip. Didn't they tell you about our "zero casualties policy" before the takeoff?

-Yes, but the union says...

-You are all the same, ignorant people that can't see farther than the end of your nose.

The Captain types something in the control panel, and he stays still for a few seconds.

-Remove one of those poor bastards from their Uterus and put him on it.

Michael looked at everyone without understanding. Were they going to put him in suspended animation to take him to trial in Leto?

-By the look on your face, I assume they didn't explain anything to you. Am I right? -the Captain's voice was soft again.

Michael shakes his head, he does not understand.

-I see. Well, I have to tell you, the team in your base seems to have betrayed you. Where you aware that this spaceship uses bio-fuel?

Michael nods in agreement.

-And, were you aware that on this particular ship we have a new type of bio-fuel?

Michael's response is a very slow head shake. He's grasping the idea, but he is also refusing to believe it.

-Oh yes, my dear Manager. It is exactly what you are thinking. Those "passengers" behind the door are actually the bio-fuel for our trip. It's cost efficient, really. Unfortunately, you were not briefed -the Captain's voice was almost reassuring- But your team on base would have known you would take your... "share". Wouldn't they?

Michael is petrified.

-The calculations we made show that a brand new body would give us the same amount of energy that two bodies "working" since takeoff would. So, a new body at this point can take us to our destination. I am pretty certain they did the same numbers before we left the base. Those guys do know you well...

-That can't be true. Those passengers are workers, to build the new base. If you kill them all, how are you going to survive?

The Captain's lips quirked upwards in something resembling a smile.

-The workers are in the cargo area. A place restricted to you, so you would not take your "share" from there. These passengers in the hallway were ordinary people.

Michael swallows with difficulty. He starts to scream, but he's already handcuffed and the crew outnumbers him. The officers drag him to the passenger's hallway, and select a Uterus. Michael's eyes follow the container as it is deposited on the pillars. One of the officers removes the magnetic locks. With some kind of courtesy, they remove the corpse within and place Michael inside.

All this takes several minutes, that seem centuries to Michael while he screams his lungs out. The crew does nothing to shut him up; nobody is listening. Nobody who cares, anyway.

Finally, the Uterus is closed, and the screaming ends. Everything is back in silence.

-Fuel level sufficient to reach destination -a voice blasts through the hallway.

The officers return to their respective Uterus. Once the magnetic locks are in place, and the Uterus are in their original positions, Pegasus shuts down all the lights.

The End