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Welcome to my site.

I'm a digital composer who generally writes suspence, horror or sci-fi stories. I'm also movie sommelier and amateur astronomer

I was born in 1977, the same year the rings of Uranus are discovered, Star Wars premieres, the first test flight of the space shuttle (The Enterprise) is made, the Voyager and the Voyager 2 were launched and Elvis is gone.

I'm in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

If you want contact me, you can via the following mail:

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This is my latest DemoReel

All the content in this page is my own creation, and it is protected under license cc

I write because I enjoy it, because the are no limits in words; they mean absolute freedom for me. I also write because I love to read: I always have a book with me.

I started to write on blogger in 2003. "Recorriendo el Laberinto" (Walking the labyrinth) was my first blog, and it had a renovation in 2008, when I published my first book.

For the moment, I only write short stories. I'm trying to write a novel, but that is still a work in progress. As soon as I have something I can share I will announce it with great fanfare, obviously.

I got my first recognition in 2006: an Honorable Mention for the story "Constance" in the competition "Primo M. Belletti" of the Argentinian Society of Writers of Villa Maria, in Cordoba, Argentina. An anthology was published compiling a selection of stories presented in that contest, called "Gold and Silver tales".

In 2008 I hit the jackpot with the story "How" in the competition organized by the publishing house Andronico. An anthology compiling all the finalist was edited named "Walking between dreams". Another part of the award was the publication of a personal book, so "Walking the Labyrinth" sees the light. The name of the book is the same as the name of the blog, as all the stories included in the book were born there.

In 2011, I participate in the literary magazine Prosofagos with an article about Film and literature in Argentina.

On December of 2011 I got the 2nd Honorable Mention for the story "The door" in the XXV International "Continuity of the voices 2011" contest organized by the publishing house De los cuatro vientos. Product of this competition, an anthology in two volumes was published, including text from all the participants.

On july 2013, the story "Elephant" was chosen to be published on the 1st number of the magazine CINE FANTASTICO Y BIZARRO. Since then, I write news pieces, articles and interviews for them.

On October 2014, the story "Session" was chosen to be published on the 4th number of the magazine PORTAL CIENCIA Y FICCION

On March 2015, the story "Sick" was selected to participate in the anthology "The Ominus" (in homage to the writer H. P. Lovecraft) , organized by the publishing house Thelema.

On November 2016, the story "Surprise Dinner" was chosen to be published on the 9th number of the independent magazine El triangulo de la merluza, issue dedicated to Horror.

On August 2017, the story "Choice" was chosen to be published on the 10th number of the independent magazine El triangulo de la merluza.

That's all for the moment...

Walking the Labyrinth


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Cleveland Chiapas
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WALLPAPER: 1920x1080. Original idea by my friend Michael Haase
(E-mail me if you want it in a different size)


3d ship, Steampunk style.
You can download it for Blender (Weight: Approx 30MB).
It's the same ship I used for the short film "
Organic Translocator".

CFyB#017 - FAN ART

Low Poly Tie Fighter and X-Wing used for the augmented reality on the cover of the
magazine Cine Fantastico y Bizarro #017, Rogue One special.
You can
download it for Blender (Weight: Approx 700kB).
It's ready to be used with the app

All the content in this section (Freebies) is my own creation, and it can be downloaded under license cc


2deFaina is a family project to test and improve filming techniques.

On each short film, we include at least one technique that we have never used before... and see how it goes. :)

It all started goofing around in the backyard with a pretty basic camera (a miniDV and not the best one), but the important thing was to have fun.

When we needed help, we asked to some friends to join us. In many cases, they added tons of value with their colaboration.



A persecution in the middle of nowhere. Escape or die.

Contributors to this short film are: Pamela Delia - Actress and
Martin Figueroa - Actor.

Organic Translocator

A man, not the brightest one, turns on a prototype of a teleporting device that
will take him to seriously strange locations.

Short film created for a contest organized by RODE.
A version of this short film was projected at the
Minne Mini Film Festival - 2016 (Minneapolis - EEUU).

BARS17: We WON the People Choise Award
in the Argentinian Shortfilm Section 2!

You shall not steal

A thief breaks into a house asuming it was empty, but in one of
the rooms she finds a prisoner asking for help.
At the same moment, they hear the main door open. The captor had returned.

This short film participated in the international competition at the BARS16.
It was projected during the "Bizarre and Fantastic Night" short film cycle, organized by
Club Cultural Matienzo, A sala Llena, Toma 5 y Cine Fantastico y Bizarro.
It also took part at the National Short film Show 2016 of the Festival 1000 Gritos
and it participated in the V Online Edition of the Horror Online Art 2016 festival.

Contributors to this short film are: Pamela Delia - Actress and
Natalia Garcia (Carbonmade - flickr) - Photographer.


A young woman discovers she is not alone in her house.
It's dark and something terrifying is hidden inside the walls.

This short film participated at the National Short film Show 2015 of the Festival 1000 Gritos,
and it was projected during the cinema cycle organized by Cinergia.
It also took part at the National Short film Show 2017 of the Festival La Cripta

Contributors to this short film are: Pamela Delia - Actress.

La Cripta 2017: We WON BEST VISUAL EFFECTS award!

Si querés ver algo más, estás invitado a pasar por el canal de youtube